Anonymous asked:

I need some help losing weight. Last night my boyfriend told me I've gained a lot of weight (I have but when we met I was in recovery from an ED and very underweight) he said if I gain more he wouldn't be attracted to me. I really want to lose weight quickly but in a good way so I don't get back into old habits. It's very triggering.

dietfitnesshealth answered:

Did he actually say that?! That he wouldn’t be attracted to you if you gained weight!? That is horrible! :(
Don’t listen to him, listen to your body, and you do NOT need to lose weight darling.
If he keeps saying shit like that leave him.

I’ve been married for 20-1/2 yes, my weight has fluctuated during this period, and my husband’s answer to my question, “do I need to lose weight?”, has always been, “I think you always look great!”
Help your man to appreciate all your different looks. Tell him you need sex exercise 5 times a day, learn to belly dance and stimulate him.





Lauryn Hill is a cishet black woman who loves ankh niggas and hates gay why are you defending her lol 

really?? yall got any receipts bc i missed it

 ”the singer lists reasons why she believes society is crumbling around her, comparing “social transvestism,” “drag queens,” and “girl men” to “pimps”, “pushers,” and “serial criminals.”

Whoa I did not see that coming. I thought Lauren was cool, but she is not if her philosophy is against people loving who they love. I am so bummed out now😭